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Hominy Branch Trail Scheduled to Open in Summer 2013

posted May 22, 2012, 2:13 PM by Tim Kridel

It's hard to overlook all of the construction equipment to the east as you exit northbound 63 onto Broadway. That work is setting the stage for construction of the Hominy Branch Trail, which will connect the Woodridge neighborhood to Stephens Lake Park and to Clark Lane. Here's what to expect over the next year:

  • The current construction work is sewer and water infrastructure. "They will need to be complete before much of the work for the trail can begin," says Steve Saitta, the city's superintendent of planning and development. "I am hopeful that the trail portion of the project would be complete by early to mid-summer of 2013."
  • The trail will be built in two phases. The first phase will run from Stephens Lake Park to just south of the Lansing-Woodridge intersection and underneath Highway 63, St. Charles Road and Broadway. 
  • Construction of the second phase, which will terminate at Clark Lane, has been delayed because MoDOT first must rebuild the westbound I-70 bridge over Hominy Creek. "That is planned for [the] 2013 construction season [and] should be complete in the fall," says Ted Curtis, the city's Bike/Ped Program manager. 
  • The first phase will include three bridges. The one closest to the neighborhood will be several hundred feet south of the Lansing-Woodridge intersection.
  • Users will be able to enter and exit the trail at the Lansing-Woodridge intersection. "We do not have any plans at this time to encourage or require trail users to park near Woodridge Park to access the trail," Saitta says. "What we typically find is that on-street parking in a subdivision to access a trail does not create a problem. We have many examples along our current trails that are similar to the condition that will exist at this location, so we do not anticipate we will experience issues with public parking. If we do have a problem in the future, we will work with the neighborhood to rectify the situation."
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